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Definition of an Eco LodgeAbout Eco Lodges of Australia

Eco Lodges of Australia   

is a marketing consortium of Australia's
leading ECO accommodation.

Launched in October 2010,  the Eco Lodges can be found in some of Australia's most spectacular landscapes




Australia is globally recognised for outstanding ecotourism experiences.

Eco Lodges of Australia offers the ECO conscious traveller responsible, ethical and sustainable ECO experiences in Australia’s most amazing natural locations.



Members of ECO lodges of Australia have all achieved Advanced Ecotourism certification through Ecotourism Australia's world recognised ECO Certification scheme


“This group of accommodation choices are meeting the growing need and desires of the eco conscious traveller”, said Kym Cheatham, CEO, Ecotourism Australia.

“These tourism operators are dedicating themselves to raising awareness of the environmentally responsible, independently verified accommodation operators in Australia.”

“We are thrilled at the calibre of tourism operators that have joined this new marketing consortium, ECO lodges of Australia. More and more travellers are looking to make responsible choices in where they choose to stay and we have a responsibility to help them identify the most environmentally friendly accommodation options,” said Kym Cheatham.

“By using the brand ECO lodges of Australia, we collectively will help educate the traveller so that they do not get confused by the various ‘green claims’ in the marketplace.’

ECO lodges of Australia is made up of various styles of accommodation for every budget across Australia who have achieved Advanced Ecotourism certification. 



IntroductionFind an Eco Lodge of AustraliaAbout Ecotourism Australia歡迎中國 Welcome China